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We wish Sharon a Safe Trip to Africa
Sharon Prest, Electrical & Instruments CAD Operator here at K Home International is setting off to Africa in just a few days to help elephants say "goodbye" to life in the circus.Sharon will be volunteering with the company Oyster Worldwide, who work closely with a team of committed researchers and conservationists whose aim is to reintroduce elephants to an area that used to boast hundreds of wild elephants. Through researching the care and welfare of these gentle giants, they are leading the way in creating a sustainable and successful plan to protect Africa's elephants.The park she is visiting is home to nine resident elephants, who roam freely and safely in the 110 hectare site. Many have been rescued from difficult situations - life as a circus elephant or rescued from a culling project at Kruger. Under the care and attention of the team, they are starting to reproduce and gain strength in their new environment.As a volunteer, Sharon will be an important member of the team right from the start, spending days out in the fields with the elephants and helping with important research and monitoring. The research goes towards improving the welfare of these elephants, whose pasts often leave scars. Sharon will gain an understanding of the elephants' well-being and how to ensure the best welfare possible for elephants no longer living in the wild. This is the first elephant research centre in the world dedicated to optimising the welfare of captive elephants - and the lessons learnt are expected to be spread around Africa.As well as looking after the elephants, during her time in Africa she will be visiting a local school. The school she is visiting is supposed to house 900 pupils but currently has 2,200 pupils! All of whom come from very needy and dire circumstances. Sharon thought there was an opportunity to help by trying to collect clothing, shoes and stationary. Achieving more than she could imagine - donations were received from Middlesbrough Football Club, from her friends and colleagues. The company paid for the shipping to Africa, and the boxes have arrived safely at the park - ready for distribution when she arrives.