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Continuing to excel in their field of work
Here at K Home International we pride ourselves in training our staff and assisting to bridge the skills gap within engineering. With over forty years of providing multi-discipline engineering design, project and construction management, the success is based on the people we employ. We are dedicated in developing and ensuring we seek the best performance from all our staff.We are very pleased to announce that David Aninakwah and Mark Darbyshire are both continuing with their professional development and take pride in their field of work.David has recently become an Incorporated Member of the Institution of Civil Engineers. To gain this qualification, he followed the self managed route to Incorporated status, which involved providing evidence of experience and skills he had gained within KHI to complete a number of development objectives set by the institution.After completing the objectives and having them approved by the institution, David delivered a 15 minute presentation on a project he had worked on within KHI. Then he was interviewed for an hour on the chosen project, followed by a 2 hour exam.Mark, who recently became Chartered with the Institution of Mechanical Engineers, used a relatively new route to registration with the Engineering Council.To become a Chartered Engineer you generally need either a Master's Degree in Engineering or a three-year accredited BEng (Hons) degree, along with an appropriate Master's programme or period of further learning. For experienced Engineers however, such as Mark, it is now possible to apply for Chartership by submitting a Career Learning Assessment (CLA). This is a way to demonstrate that, through work, you have gained sufficient knowledge and understanding to the level of someone with a formal Masters qualification. The knowledge and understanding Mark was able to demonstrate, through his work at KHI, more than satisfied these requirements.Following the CLA, which assesses a candidates underpinning knowledge, Mark was required to prove his engineering competence (practical working, understanding and application) by way of another written submission and further interview. The interview was a great success and Mark is now a Chartered Member of the Institution of Mechanical Engineers.Chartered Engineers are professional engineers who develop answers to engineering problems using new or existing technologies in creative and innovative ways."I speak on behalf of the Directors and Management at KHI by saying that we are delighted that David and Mark achieved these professional qualifications. It provides us not only with pride, but confidence, knowing our staff have the right skills and knowledge to carry out innovative, safe engineering solutions for our clients" said Amanda McMahon, Manager of Engineering"Mark and David have had great careers so far at KHI and I look forward to seeing them continue to grow" added Amanda.