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BP Exploration - HeeremaBP Clair Drilling ModulesKHI provided Heerema with detailed design support during the fabrication of two modules, Drilling Equipment Set (DES) and the Drilling Support Module (DSM), for BP Clair Platform 'West of Shetland, UK North Sea.KHI Involvement
  • Creation of a 3D PDMS model
  • Clash detection between piping, equipment, HVAC, cable tray, steelwork, cladding, access ways and escape routes.
  • PDMS generated over 800 pipe isometric drawings, penetration schedules, piping/HVAC/ cable tray support drawings, mechanical equipment layouts, and cable general arrangement drawings.
  • Weight and centre of gravity analysis
  • Multi site working utilising PDMS Global capability
Heerema BP Clair Drilling Modules